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Heroes Never Die, 2076
Welcome to Heroes Never Die, a canon-based Overwatch roleplay with its own story. As the potential for the second international Omnic Crisis looms on the horizon, Overwatch agents have been recalled into active duty. Heroes new and old are quickly joining the fight, banding together to prevent another catastrophe on a global-scale. Will you strive to achieve harmony or will you be an agent of chaos that works in the darkness? Currently we encourage the creation of both canon and original characters to partake in the growing conflict. Feel free to browse the links along our header while you are getting started, and if you happen to get lost never hesitate to reach out to a member of the staff for assistance!
latest News & Events
7.05Updated #07 - Missions and more!
6.24Activity Check #10
06.14 Welcome new staff member Claptrap!

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